UCLA TDG Tech Transfer Officer Receives 2018 AUTM Bayh-Dole Award

Ragan receiving the awardRagan Robertson, Tech Transfer and Information Systems Officer for the UCLA Technology Development Group, has been recognized by AUTM (Association of University Technology Managers) with the 2018 Bayh-Dole Award for his efforts to foster and promote intellectual property activities on behalf of the university and nonprofit community. CONGRATULATIONS, RAGAN!

Falcon Computing Solutions and UCLA Collaborate for Genomics Acceleration

Falcon Computing Solutions and the UCLA Center for Precision Medicine today announced a collaboration that will accelerate innovation and the adoption of cloud-based genomics sequencing solutions. Falcon is conducting initial product testing, benchmarking and optimization at UCLA based on the industry standard GATK best practices pipeline, and is receiving valuable feedback from the UCLA researchers and scientists that allow for product optimization. The joint activity builds upon an existing relationship between UCLA and Falcon – a UCLA spinout co-founded by Dr.

UCLA Team Reports Positive Topline Results from Double-Blind Trial of NeuroSigma's Non-Invasive eTNS System for Treatment of Pediatric ADHD

The trial investigated the effects of eTNS on ADHD as the sole treatment, or "monotherapy." A total of 62 children were enrolled in the trial and used the eTNS therapy each night, at home, for four weeks. The trial's primary endpoint assessment, the ADHD-RS, showed that subjects randomized to active treatment had a statistically significant improvement in their ADHD symptoms compared with the sham group (p = 0.005). The CGI-I scale, a secondary endpoint, also demonstrated statistically significant improvements in ADHD symptoms among subjects randomized to the treatment group (p = 0.003).

UCLA professor, staff member receive Life Science Catalyst awards

Professor Aydogan Ozcan, UCLA’s Chancellor’s Professor of Electrical Engineering and Bioengineering and an associate director of the California NanoSystems Institute, and Thomas Lipkin, head of new ventures for the UCLA Technology Development Group, have been recognized by Biocom, the association representing the California life science community, with Life Science Catalyst Awards.

UC Consortium Formed to Speed Up Development of New Drugs

The odds of developing a blockbuster drug are slim. Thousands of compounds are screened, and only about one in 10 drugs that survive the initial stages to enter clinical trials eventually receives approval. The road from discovery to drug product can take more than a decade and cost more than $2 billion.

How can the drug discovery process be improved?

Startup Commercializes UCLA "Lung Simulation" Technology

Bosley recently finalized the lung phantom’s first prototype, which he will take to partners at UCLA; next, he hopes to start printing lungs from actual patients’ CT scans and let oncologists test the simulator. The patent-pending technology, owned by UCF and UCLA and is licensed to SegAna, will cost in the $8,000 range, Bosley said. It can be used as a teaching tool, or for planning patients’ radiation treatment.