Receipt/Transfer of Materials & Data

Submit Request for the Receipt or Transfer of Materials for Research Purposes

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A Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) or Data Use Agreement (DUA) is a written contract entered into by a provider and a recipient of research material that governs the transfer of tangible research materials, data and databases, and software between two organizations.

TDG reviews and approves incoming and outgoing transfers on behalf of UCLA Faculty, with the below exceptions:





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The Process

Step 1. Begin the Online MTA Request Form

OnlineMTA is a central site for submitting all requests for the receipt or transfer of materials for research purposes through a convenient web-based form.  Below are the request forms available:

Receive Material: Use this form when receiving material.

Send Material:  Use this form when sending research material or if both sending and receiving material.

Send Material – RAPID:  Use this form when sending materials that qualify as RAPID transfers. See RAPID MTA section below for more information.

Step 2. Upload Contract and Supporting Documentation

Upload any contract or other documentation provided by the party sending the material or data. 

To ensure that your agreement is processed as quickly as possible, upload the requisite administrative approvals or forms that may be needed (e.g. IRB, IBC, PI Policy 900 Exemption Letter, UCLA Health Data Approval and Financial Disclosure Forms).

Financial Disclosure Form 700-U and 700-U Addendum are needed when receiving material or data from a non-governmental entity.   For additional guidance, please see the State Financial Interest Disclosure Matrix.

Step 3. Complete and Submit Online MTA Form

Once submitted, your request is assigned a record number.  The Principal Investigator will receive an email notification identifying the individual on the TDG team assigned to your MTA request and if at any point there are questions and you are not sure who to contact, please email

Step 4. TDG Reviews the Online MTA Form

TDG will review your request form and ensure that the required UCLA research approvals (e.g. conflict of interest, export control) are obtained and any third party obligations are addressed.

Step 5. TDG Negotiates and Signs the Contract

If required, TDG will negotiate the terms of the contract with the entity that is providing or receiving the material.  Once the negotiation is complete, a signatory from TDG will execute the agreement on behalf of UCLA


What is DIY MTA?

In the interest of reducing review time and facilitating research, TDG has implemented a process for researchers to send out a material transfer agreement to academic and non-profit recipients when certain criteria are met.

When to use DIY MTA?

The DIY MTA can be used if the following conditions apply:

  • Material was developed in a UCLA lab with no third party or external obligations
  • Material is non-human
  • Material is not stem cells
  • Material is not data or software
  • Recipient Institution is a non-profit entity
How to use DIY MTA

Follow the DIY MTA process below:

  • Step 1: Download the DIY MTA template above.
  • Step 2:  Send the MTA to the Recipient and collect the Recipient’s signatures.
  • Step 3:  Submit an OnlineMTA request.  See link above.
  • Step 4:  TDG will sign the MTA and upload the signed MTA to OnlineMTA where it can be accessed for your records.
  • Step 5:  Download a copy of the fully executed MTA from OnlineMTA and send a copy to the Recipient.