Featured Technologies - Engineering/Physical Sciences


Below are some recent technologies developed in Physical Sciences and Engineering. 

Personalized Control of Hemodynamics

Personalized Control of Hemodynamics in High-Risk Surgery Patients by Jinyoung Brian Jeong BS, Michael Zargari BS, Daniel Garcia MD PhD, Chih Ming Ho PhD, Jure Marijic MD, Jaques Neelankavil MD, Maxime Cannesson MD PhD, Soban Umar MD PhD Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Department of Anesthesiology and Perioperational Medicine UCLA

Fully Integrated Stretchable Sensor Array for Wearable Sign Language Translation to Voice by Jun Chen, Assistant Professor of Bioengineering, UCLA

Lamprey Lock: Secure High Flow Catheter Connector 

A secure high-flow catheter connector Lucas R. Cusumano, MD MPH: Resident Physician, Interventional Radiology Justin P. McWilliams, MD FSIR: Associate Professor, Inteventional Radiology UCLA

Multi-Rotors Copter 

Modular Platforms with Multi-Rotor Copters Mounted on Hinges of Gimbals for Form Mechanically Constrained Flight Formations Tsu-Chin Tsao, Professor of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering. UCLA

UV Reflective Paints For Cooling

UCLA researchers in the Department of Materials Science & Engineering have developed coatings with exceptional solar-ultraviolet (UV) reflectance for efficient passive daytime radiative cooling of buildings. The coating can be applied by a painting, dip-coating or other simple techniques. Upon drying, the coating, in sufficient thicknesses, can achieve solar reflectance from 0.94-0.98