Industry & Investors

One of our key missions is to build bridges with the business and investor communities. As part of this mission, we strive to make negotiating agreements with UCLA an efficient and rewarding process. We look forward to working with you. Please see some of our links belows for how TDG can best serve the needs of your startup, company or research team.

BROWSE TECHNOLOGIES - You may go through some of our available licenses from the University of California database.

SPONSORING RESEARCH - Frequent areas of research and how TDG can help your company.

UCLA STARTUPS - See list of some of the recent startups that came through the Technology Development Group at UCLA.

UCLA SUCCESSES - Take a look at some of our game-changing inventions to hit the marketplace in recent years.

READY TO SIGN AGREEMENTS -  Ready-to-Sign agreements here are designated for UCLA technologies (patents, copyrights, or tangible research materials) available for licensing with standard terms and conditions.

FAQ - Get answers to some of our frequently asked questions in the areas of IP Disclosure & Ownership, Patenting, Licensing, Copyright, Software, Open source, Startups, Innovation Fund & Consulting