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LG Nova - Mission for the Future Partners

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Deadline: October 6th 2022 LG Nova is searching for the best, brightest and greatest new ideas, concepts and innovations that will go beyond today and move us into the future at lightening speed! This could be you! They want to hear from companies, entrepreneurs, and innovators with BIG & BOLD ideas that will catapult us into a better future for all.  Areas of interest include:  AI for home management Metaverse EV charging infrastructure Innovations in connected health and wellness, and Advancements in recycling of electronic devices  If you want the chance to work side-by-side with LG? You know who they are. LG is a global leader in technology and global electronics that's searching for a better tomorrow. Submit your application no later than October 6th.  If selected you could receive:  Up to $100,000 USD for joint product/ concept development Access to LG's resources & multi-million dollar investments from their partners, & LG electronics Collaborate in partnership with LG for growth & engagement potential! SUBMIT HERE

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Anonymous - High-speed 3D Scanning Technologies for Oral Applications

InPart Funding
Medical Imaging

Deadline: September 12th 2022 A multinational restorative dentistry company, recognised as an industry-leader in materials and devices manufacturing, is looking for novel 3D scanning technologies that can be applied to the oral environment. Our client is interested in technologies that can be developed to improve on current methods using structured light scanning. The company is actively seeking approaches to produce 3D images with improved scanning speed (>70 fps preferred) and reduced scanning costs. Technologies that improve scanning accuracy and ease of use are also of interest.

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