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                                                                       CALL FOR APPLICATIONS in AEROSPACE TECH

SCALE is designed to inspire a generation of students, entrepreneurs, and investors to pursue entrepreneurship for the development and advancement of novel technologies with aerospace applications and to build businesses here in Los Angeles.

Each team selected for the program will receive personalized instruction and engage with potential corporate clients and investors. The 13-week program is designed to help teams set milestones, develop products, find the market fit and get customer traction, and secure the next round of funding. Teams will have access to Starburst’s huge network of aerospace companies and become part of an ecosystem that includes Starburst and UCLA alumni, established aerospace entrepreneurs, investors, corporate partners, customers, academic researchers, and more.

Applications Open: June 21st

Requirements for the applications:

SCALE is open to pre-seed and seed-stage companies who want to build their business in Los Angeles. Startups in all aerospace verticals or who have technology that has aerospace applications are welcome to apply. Startups should be able to commit to 6-10 hours of focused time each week. There are approximately 5 hour of lectures each week plus weekly meetings with the SCALE team and regular community/networking opportunities.