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UCLA TDG strongly supports the formation of startup companies as one avenue for commercializing innovations and bringing breakthrough technologies to the market.

Starting a Company

Formation of a startup company is often a promising path to commercializing a new technology. One common model for this at universities is for the academic researchers to remain at the University and act in an advisory role to a startup formed by an outside entrepreneur or investor. Occasionally the academic researchers will leave the University to form a company themselves or to join a company formed by others.

UCLA TDG aims to encourage and support both types of entrepreneurship and below is a list of resources we provide. Do not hesitate to contact us anytime we can be of help in this process.


UCLA TDG is committed to fostering the success of UCLA startups. Modeled after QB3’s program supporting UCB, UCSF, and UCSC, UCLA Startup in a Box was created to lower barriers for UCLA entrepreneurs, providing warm introductions to pre-vetted partners across a multitude of service areas. Current partnerships include legal, banking, accounting, insurance, HR benefits / management, real estate, cloud computing, consulting services, non-dilutive funding, and CRO referrals, with further partnerships to be added over time. More information about the program is available at UCLA Startup-in-a-Box Program.

UCLA Startups

Technology transfer to startup companies formed around UCLA technologies enables UCLA to be a strong economic engine for the Los Angeles region, California and beyond. A partial listing of startups which have licensed UCLA technology, and agreed to be showcased on our website, are available at UCLA Startups.

BRUINCUBATE UCLA Entrepreneur Support Network

There are a number of organizations campus-wide providing entrepreneurship mentoring, expertise and networking for faculty, and student entrepreneurs. The BRUINcubate website provides an in-depth overview of these organizations and services. For a full list of these resources, please visit www.BRUINcubate.com.

LinkedIn Group for UCLA Entrepreneurs

LinkedIn: UCLA Startup Networking group (1,300+ members) – join here!

FAQ and Step-by-Step Guide

UCLA TDG publishes a list of frequently asked questions to help entrepreneurs in the UCLA community get the process started. This is particularly important for faculty members to avoid conflict of issue.

FAQ and Guide for UCLA Entrepreneurs (pdf)

Funding Opportunities

Several opportunities and programs are available at UCLA and outside UC to support research grant funding, entrepreneurship and university-industry research collaborations. Research and Startup Funding Opportunities.