Copyright-related FAQs at UC: A few things you’ve wanted to know, but didn’t know who to ask

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This webinar will cover a number of copyright-related FAQs that arise from several departments on UC’s campuses (e.g., licensing, industry sponsored research, contracts and grants, purchasing, sales and services, etc.). The speakers will provide insights and effective practices from both the UC system level (UC’s Office of the General Counsel), as well as the in-the-trenches campus level (UCLA’s Technology Development Group). Topics will include:

• Copyright law basics (ownership, derivative works, fair use, etc.)
• Strategies for protecting copyrightable works
• Effective practices when licensing copyrightable works
• Data in view of copyright laws
• Open sourcing copyrightable works

DATE: Thursday, January 28, 2021

TIME: 3pm - 4pm Pacific

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Angela Kujak, Senior Director of Contracts, UCLA Technology Development Group

Angus MacDonald, Principal Counsel, University of California Office of the General Counsel

Dina Lozofsky, Senior Director of Business Development, Physical Sciences, Engineering & Medical Devices, UCLA Technology Development Group