Purchasing Photos for your Department

When creating a brochure or updating a department’s website, faculty and staff often need images. Faculty and staff often purchase photos or membership to photo databases for their departmental needs. Purchasing images with a personal credit card, while convenient, may negatively affect your reimbursement as the University Purchasing Department must have a vendor agreement in place to make payments. In addition, buying a photo from an online photo agency or signing up for membership in an online database without going through the Purchasing Department may have caused you to inadvertently agree to liability or other terms to which the University would not or could not agree. 

OIP-ISR, Campus Counsel and Purchasing will be negotiating with UCLA’s preferred vendors such as Getty Images to set up agreements that will allow departments to make these purchases quickly and efficiently, and at preferred pricing. Stay tuned for updates, and if there are vendors that you frequently use or expect to use, contact Debra Dorris in Purchasing at 310-794-6031 or ddorris@finance.ucla.edu.