Funding Opportunities

Below is a list of some of the funding opportunities and programs that are available from within UC and outside UC to support entrepreneurship and university-industry research collaborations.


Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and the Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) programs award funds to small business entities. UCLA faculty may participate in these projects under certain circumstances. The UCLA SBIR/STTR Guidance Memo for faculty is available at Research Policy and Compliance (RPC) website. A new SBIR/STTR FAQ and Guide published by RPC and OIP-ISR for UCLA researchers is now online. The 2013 SBIR and STTR Grants schedule is posted here.

First Look LA Investor Showcase

In collaboration with other LA research institutions, UCLA puts on an annual investor event where our faculty and our startup companies can present technologies to a select group of investors. For more information about attending or presenting, please contact Tom Lipkin.

Knapp Competition

The Anderson School of Management at UCLA runs a business plan competition.


The UCLA Venture Capital Fund is a community of UCLA alumni and friends whose core purpose is to support and promote entrepreneurship at UCLA. The VC Fund mentors faculty and students, fosters the growth of UCLA companies, and connects entrepreneurs with an interest in UCLA. Members have the opportunity to advise campus entrepreneurship initiatives, raise funds for UCLA start-ups, and ultimately to advance UCLA as one of the top entrepreneurial universities in the nation.

ITA Student Entrepreneur Venture Competition

The UCLA Engineering Institute for Technology Advancement runs the Student Entrepreneur Venture Competition.

UCLA BSC Venture Competition

The UCLA Business of Science Annual Venture Competition awards proof of concept funds to scientific, engineering and business teams with innovative medical technologies:

Federal Grants

Targeted federal programs can often be good sources of early stage capital for startup companies. They tend to be thematic (e.g. NIH RAID, NCI RAID for biotech), DARPA (has programs across the board), etc.

Research Funding Opps. Newsletters for UCLA Researchers

As a resource for UCLA faculty and researchers, the UCLA Strategic Research Initiatives group compiles summarized information about significant funding opportunities and shares this information in categorized monthly newsletters: How to Subscribe.

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