Allison Formal

  • Biopharmaceuticals

Allison brings over 20 years of industry experience creating business alliances to advance therapies toward commercialization. Allison is currently an executive level business development consultant focusing on strategic planning for successful proof of concept studies. She builds, negotiates, and manages successful partnerships with biopharmaceutical companies, disease-focused non-profits, and academic medical centers. Formerly, Allison served as VP Research Business Development at The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) where she played a key role building the successful venture philanthropy arm, the Therapy Acceleration Program (TAP).  Allison created more than 60 research and development partnerships investing in biopharmaceutical companies and academic researchers developing therapies and diagnostics aimed at changing the standard of care for blood cancer. A number of those business alliances have created a significant return on investment. One of Allison's proudest accomplishments was working directly with Dr. Brian Druker and his team at the Knight Cancer Institute to create, fund and implement the strategic plan for Beat AML™. This pre-clinical initiative started in 2013 and began as a multi-sector partnership between the Knight Cancer Institute, biopharmaceutical and bio IT companies, academic medical centers, and LLS.  Today, the total number of collaborators in this high impact patient initiative exceeds 20. The work of this program is still ongoing and has created the foundation for what is now the clinical aspect of Beat AML, an ongoing master trial.  

Allison serves on the translational medicine and commercialization oversight committee of the University of Michigan Medical School, as member of the Bio-therapeutic Grant Review Committee between Oregon Health & Sciences University and Oregon Clinical & Translational Research Institute funding proof of concept studies, and on Washington State University’s Commercialization Committee to review and fund grants for WSU’s Commercialization Gap Fund (CGF).

Allison's career includes roles in biopharmaceutical companies including; VP of Business Development, MediQuest; VP Business Development, Neuralstem; Director International Division of Watson (now Allergan); and, Director of the International Division and Humanitarian Aid for a joint venture between Schein and Bayer Pharmaceuticals. Allison started her career at Pfizer and earned her MBA in finance and marketing from Marymount University.